Vietnam Visa – How It Benefits You At Arrival

vietnam visa

I heard about Vietnam visa on arrival from one of my friend and it was helpful for him besides visiting an embassy. In this regard, I choose visa on arrival in place of going to the embassy.

The application process of Vietnam visa is quite simple. You only have to follow them significant steps. First, you have to apply online for getting an approval letter and obtain it to send it to your email. Secondly, you have to show the letter at airport at the time of paying the fees of stamping. And finally, you just have to get your visa.


Vietnam visa on arrival is the simplest possible way to get your visa for going to Vietnam. Moreover, you will not have to go or send any of your documents to anywhere. It will facilitate you in the best way.

In this article, you will learn about the core benefits of using Vietnam visa on arrival.


Vietnam visa on arrival is quite simple and direct thing. You will just have to fill the application form online. It will just require two to four of your minutes. After this, with 2 additional steps online, you will obtain your pre-approved Vietnam visa letter that will allow you to enter Vietnam without any hassle.

Yes, this is direct and simple process you have to follow and get enter to Vietnam.


No one wants to wait several days to get their visa. Normally, it takes 7 days to get your visa. But applying online for getting your Vietnam visa will let you get it in just 2 days maximum. Even if it is urgent for you then you can get your visa in just one working day too. Always give yourself ease and try to do your things in simple ways. Spend your time in something else in place of waiting for your visa, get that early through online method and enjoy yourself.


Following the traditional method of getting your visa will make you spend hundreds of your dollars. As this method is quite lengthy and time consuming. But getting it online just requires you to spend service fees for obtaining your Vietnam visa approval letter in just $18. It is quite small amount to let you out from all types of troubles you may face through those lengthy procedures. You will just get charged for service charges only if your visa application is processed with success.

Keep in mind that service charges are different from stamping fees. Service charges are required to pay for getting your Vietnam visa approval letter. However, stamping fees is required to pay specifically to the Vietnam immigration officers at the international airport at Vietnam for getting stamps on your passport along with Vietnam visa. Stamping fees should always get paid through USD or VND cash.


As picking up the Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airport, simply Vietnam visa on arrival is the most convenient option you can go for, for all the air travelers to Vietnam. You can also apply before the specific time of your trip and get your visa at the time of arrival.

Think yourself that applying for visa, waiting for approval, and get through the lengthy procedure will definitely be hectic. Isn’t it quite simple, just apply online and get your visa at the time of arrival? Surely it is!


For those people who live far away from Vietnam consulate or embassy, for those it is the best choice ever. Even you are on your vacations in any other country; still you can simply apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online at any available website.

Living far away or being in any other place, getting Vietnam visa on arrival is the best convenient option you can go for. In anytime you can apply for it online and pick it up on your arrival. The way it seems smooth, it is same in the reality.


Applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is the safer option you can go for. Asking an embassy for a visa requires you to submit your original passport, of course which is a risky for you to send your original passport by a post. It simply means that it is greater choice for you to lose all your important documents.

In contrast to this, there is no requirement for passport or any other original document for applying online. You will only need your personal passport and in the information of visa.


Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is something quite beneficial. All the above benefits show that there is not any downside of applying online. You can apply from anywhere you are, in your home, on vacation, or your office, and pick your visa at the time of arrival to international airport. Nowadays, everything is becoming quite easy and convenient with the involvement of internet. In the same way instead of waiting for a week to get your visa you can get it in just 2 to 3 days in your hands without any hurdle.