Titans Season 3: Jason Todd to Take Up Mantle of Red Hood

Titans Season 3 has to bring a lot in our plates: where we will have Starfire’s sister as the main villain, there we will get to see one of the titans turned against the team. Get ready to see Blackfire and Jason Todd as Red Hood in action.

God knows, how long we have to wait for the premiere of the third season. However, as Titans Season 3 is under development, soon, it will hit our screens.

Before going ahead to apprise you about whoever going to turn against the team, we would like to provide you with a quick recap & review Titans Season 2. In case, you have missed out or your mind has skipped something about the previous season, you can revive by reading the recap & review section.

Titans Season 2: Recap & Review

Titans Season 2 was premiered on 6, September 2019, and ended on 29 November 2019. This 13-episodic season revolved around the return, past, and present of the old titans as well as the reformation of team titans. The new team titans was supposed to include Dick, Rachel, Gar, and Jason. Moreover, we witnessed each of the titans fighting their own evils: past & present.

Jason Todd as Red Hood

As the series progressed we witnessed every titan struggling on their own. Things became more complicated when Dick gave shelter to Deathstroke’s daughter. Soon after, the team titans began to rip apart once again.

What Happened to Trigon?

At the beginning of the second season, we witnessed the rise and fall of Trigon. Rachel’s so-called father succeeded in his evil plans but only to face defeat. Rachel killed his father and rescues her newly found friends: the new team titans.

What Happened to Rachel, Gar, Kory, and Dick After Trigon?

Following Trigon’s fall, Dick brought Rachel, Gar, and Kory to the Titans tower. He planned to reform the team titans but when some old foes returned, all of the previous titan members had to come back home. Deathstroke, an old deadly foe on hearing about titans return,  heads back to kill each one of them.

Why did Old Titans Return?

Previous team members including Donna, Dawn, and Hank came back to Titans tower only to avert the deadly threat “Dr. Light, and Deathstroke’s return” but things didn’t go as planned.

What Happened in Titans Season 2?

The new team titans disbanded way before it could be formed. Everyone hated Dick. Jason got furious with Dick thinking that he underestimates him. Kory hesitated to choose between her destiny, and will. Rachel fears her powers as they seem to outgrow. A foe’s daughter got shelter at the Titans’ place, and lastly, a superhuman happened to be found by the titans as he saved Jason from falling.

What was Dick’s Secret?

When Dick revealed a concealed truth regarding Deathstroke, everyone fell apart: Dick told them that he followed Jericho when he went to meet Deathstroke where Deathstroke and Dick went into a fight following which Jericho got hit, and died. Until that very moment when Dick told them the truth, everyone used to believe that it was Deathstroke who killed his own son.

Why Did Team Titans Left Dick?

After hearing about Dick’s truth Rose left, and so Jason as he was already furious with Dick for not giving him a chance to prove his worth as well as he has been suffering PSTD left with Rose, Kory left as well, and Donna and Rachel depart too but Rachel tricked her on the way and moved ahead to find her own path. Only Gar stayed (Connor as well).

What Happened at the end of Titans Season 2?

However, despite the disbanded, and everyone fell apart, except for Jason, they all came together when Bruce Wayne forced them. Donna and Kory went to rescue Dick from jail but he was already off as he found out that thanks to his superpowers, Jericho’s still alive inside Deathstroke’s mind. On the other hand, they found out that Cadmus has Gar, and Connor under control, and trying to use them to unleash terror in the world. They all went up against Gar and Connor who had no clue what they have been doing. Meanwhile stopping Cadmus, and saving their friends, Donna died. On the other hand, Jericho left Deathstroke’s body and entered Rose’s (his half-sister) mind leaving Deathstroke to death.

What the makers hinted towards the Titans Season 3 is the Blackfire’s arrival on Earth that they shown by the end of the second season.

Titans Season 3- Blackfire, and Jason Todd as Red Hood To Play Villians

By the end of Titans Season 2, we witnessed Blackfire arriving on Earth. She took over a pregnant lady’s body. So, what we knew right from the season 2 finale is that Blackfire will play the villain in the third season. The first task after reforming the team, and overcoming Donna’s loss would be to combat Blackfire. Only Kory is aware of her arrival on Earth but soon she will share it with her friends or who knows, they find out it on their own as Blackfire tries to kill them.

Jason Todd as Red Hood

It is quite possible that Blackfire trying her best to break Kory will hunt her titan friends.

On the other hand, other than Blackfire, what the titans should fear is one of their own turning against them. Unfortunately, in Titans Season 3, Jason Todd will take up the mantle of Red Hood, a strangest, and oddest supervillain alias.

As per the comics, Jason Todd was murdered by the Joker and then resurrected by the Lazarus Pit following which he became Red Hood. However, as the TV series incarnation of Teen Titans is different, we can expect Jason to assume the identity of Red Hood because he felt devastated after Dick’s ignorance, Deathstroke’s torture, and Rose’s betrayal.

Jason Todd as Red Hood

Jason Todd will come back as Red Hood only to show himself better than the Nightwing. Let’s see if anyone would have hopes for him left or not. Not to forget, he came to pay respect to Donna’s funeral.

Hopefully, Titans will talk some sense into him, and bring him back on track. This way, only one problem will be left to deal with, and that is Blackfire.

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