The Best Netflix Movies

The Best Netflix Movies

In this article you may come to know about theme of various movies


This film is an American Chinese historical story ‘The Ballad of Mulan’. it is an animating film produced by Walt Disney Pictures Directed by Nicola Jean Caro. It is the most expensive film the director of the film is female.

Mulan is a famous fictional warrior character. she disguises herself as a man.

In this film, a young brave fearless woman Hua Mulan takes her life at risk in the love of her family and her country. The army called upon one man per family to fight for the country, she disguises her as a man to takes place of her aged father to defend her country. She fights for her nation to get honor as a great warrior and makes her father proud. It’s expecting releasing date is July 24, 2020.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls is an American mystery film that is an American documentary film director and producer is Elizabeth Freya Garbus. The story is based on the book Girls Lost. The film is about a serial killer who kills young sex workers. He kills 10 women. All bodies found on South Shore of Long Island. The story is mysterious.

Shannan Gilbert was working as an ascot and visits her client and does not come back. She lost in May 2010. Her mother Mari Gilbert becomes an advocate for her daughter. In December 2011, the Shannan body was found. Her family believes she was murdered.

After an autopsy report, Doctor tells she was strangled. Police explain to them her death is not related to the serial killer. Mari insists to reopen her case to start investigating again. The film released on Netflix Movies on 20 March 2020.


The film released on 27 March 2020, on Netflix Movies. Uncorked is a 2020 American drama film written, directed, and produced by Prentice Penny. The story is about the family and dreams of a young man and his father. A young man Elijah refuses his father to take over the family Barbecue business. He insists to become a specialist in all aspects of wine service and denies his family business. His mother diagnoses with cancer and dies. This film is heart touching and interesting. It is about the feelings and emotional conversation between father and son. They listening to each other. Humor in the film is realistic and funny to break the tension scenes in the film. Characters of the film are presenting their role in a very good manner to peruse their passions in a real sense.

A Secret Love

This story is about American Girls Professional Baseball League player terry and Pat who stuck together for seven years. They kept their relationship secret from people. This documentary film is written and directed by Chris Bolan and the producer is Rayan Murphy and Bolan is Terry’s nephew. He decides to visit his aunt where Pat and Terry tell him about their love story. he decides to make a documentary film on it.

Terry and Pat meet in the winter of 1947. Terry was 22  lefts Canada and joins the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. she met with Pat on a baseball tour for the first time. They lived together in Chicago secretly for Decades. Pat and Terry get marry in 2015 after a long term relationship. In 2017 the couple moved to Canada.

At the age of  93 years, Terry passes away with a disease.

Pat lives in Canada now a day. The film released on 29 April 2020.

All Day and a Night

An American drama film All Day and a Night written and directed by a famous American film director, actor, writer, and producer Joe Robert Cole. Ashton Sanders a well-known American actor played the role of Jahkor Lincoln in film. The film was released on 1st May 2020 on Netflix Movies.

The story is about the survival of black people. All-day and a Night is a painful story of a young black man Jahkor Lincoln who is struggling to follow his life to the path of his father. His father is a drug addict and a thug. His mother Delonda always tries her best to keep the family together. The story revolves around the trauma and racism in black man’s communities. Jah is a nice guy who is not in drug violence.

He is in a relationship with a woman Shantaye. Their relationship ends up with a son Zion. Jah spending his most of the time with a gang named Big Stunna. He kills the gang’s rival and after the arrest and ends up with prison. His girlfriend takes her child with her and tells him his son will not become like him and his grandfather.

365 Days

365 Days is a 2020 Polish erotic film, the director of the film Is Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. The film revolves around sex and love. 365 Days was released on 7 February 2020 in Poland.

The story is about a young Polish woman Laura falling in love with a Sicilian man who is a member of the Sicilian Mafia. Massimo kidnaps the laura. He saw the girl first time on the beach five years ago and gets in love with her.

After long searching, he kidnaps the girl and gives 365 days to fall in love with him. One night he takes her with him in a club where one of his Sicilian rival mafia families tries to flirt with her Massimo does not like that and takes her out from the club. The next morning she awakens on a yacht she comes to know the man she meets in the club is not anymore. Massimo blames her for his murder.

Laura jumps into the water and Massimo saves her life. Massimo allows Laura to meet with his family. He tells her he will marry her and will leave all the business. Laura reveals that she is pregnant and wanted to tell Massimo about her pregnancy one of Massimo’s man tells her Mafia family is about to kill her she left the home and takes her car to the tunnel and does not come out.

The story does not end up here laura may be kidnapped or killed.

Here is not the end of the seasonal movies there are too many other movies in this year of 2020.

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