Sexual education is controversial issue in many countries

Sex education in the school is controversial issue in many countries

Sex education in school is a part of the curriculum at many schools. It always remains a controversial issue in many countries.

Healthy sexual education in school is essential because it is relating to the issues of human sexual life including emotional relationships and responsibilities. Comprehensive sexuality education should begin in early childhood, as a result, it impact on their health for life.

Education should not only about the sexual expression it should be about gender identity, communication, sex orientation, sexual prevention from sexual violence,  healthy relationship, consent, and questioning. It should be taught by trained teachers.

Good sex education teaches young people that sexual violence is wrong.

Sex in Teenage:

In teenage, young people feel the physical, emotional, mental changes. These biological changes increase interest in sexual activities.

Sex education in school is essential to overcome the problems of the youth. So, Sexual education has great potential to provide knowledge and necessary safe choices about sex.

Healthy sex education is essential because it motivate people to gain proper information about sex and health. Sex education in school does not encourage young people to have sex. Sexual education equips a child to face the challenges of puberty in a smart way. In this way, children understand the values of safe and healthy ways of sex and sexuality.

Sexual education explains relating issues about human sexuality, reproductive rights, health, contraception, safe sex, and birth control. Healthy sex education, however, covers all aspects of the comprehensive sex education.

Sexual education is the basic information about sex in specific teenage in children. Sexual education enables teenage and young people to make stronger and more powerful relationships.

Sex Education:

sex education

Sex education was introduced with the consent of parents and the religious groups.

Curiosity increased about sexual matters like teenage pregnancies in western countries. Most of the organizations consider the essentials of sexual education because HIV/AIDS level increased  in many African countries.

Sex education including many aspects of sexual reproduction, sexual orientation, sexual pleasure, family planning, decision making, relationships, birth control, dating, and sexual transmitted infections.

Comprehensive Sexual Education Programs:

Health and dignity of the young peoples are protected with the use of comprehensive sexual education.

Many European countries introduced sexual education programs. As a result, it reduces teenage pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Parents, relatives and friends are also good learning source of human relationships. Informal sources are insufficient to learn sexual education in a younger age group.

Young people not  prefer to talk about sexuality with their parents. On the other hand, Parents also feel uncomfortable by educating their children about sexuality rather they consider that schools are good source to educate their child.

This is a misconception that sexuality education deprives children of their innocence. Rather, they learn about equality and respect in relationships. They prepares the child to recognize abusive persons and situations in a better way. Sexuality education prepares youths both girls and boys, to prepare their health and behavior.

Traditional Way for Sex Education:

Traditional teachings do not support in an effective way to deliver sexuality education. However, formal school system targets effectively in promoting healthy sexual behavior of youngsters.

The traditional teaching process used in secondary school education. In class activity teacher easily assess their students. conversation shows the teacher the knowledge of students.

Sexual Education with Games:

Learning through games is a reality by nature. Sexual health education is an effective way for adolescents to absorb the intended information. The use of digital games increases to promote the well-being of adolescents.

Gamification is also an innovative learning approach to understand sexual education. Because it considers as a successful method to learn about.

Most of the people think that school is the right place to get sexual education. There are many other source to get good information rather than school.

Ways of Sexual Health Education:

Mainly there are three procedures through which one can learn about the comprehensive sexual health education;

  1. Gaming based learning
  2. Gamification
  3. Traditional

Young peoples can protect their health and reduce life risk with appropriate information. All young people need comprehensive sex education in school on sexual health.

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