See What Netflix Has to Say About Warrior Nun!

On 2nd July 2020, Warrior Nun hit Netflix. The 10-episodic season 1 of the series gave us a thrilling yet exhilarating ride to a new adventure where hell has been walking in the disguise of heaven for so long.

Warrior Nun is a fantasy drama revolving around a young girl who out of nowhere came back from death only to become the bearer of the holy relic and a warrior nun.

A quadriplegic girl named Ava gains supernatural powers and in order to maintain the balance, fight demons, and protect humanity, she had to join an ancient order of warrior nuns. Although she hasn’t taken the vows yet, she by all means, truly a warrior nun.

The Warrior Nuns are so special in their way that none could ever forget them. However, to not let you forget them, Netflix is all set to give us a bite of the Warrior Nun nostalgia.

A few hours ago, the Instagram page of Netflix has posted about the Warrior Nun. Let’s see what he said about our super cool and powerful warrior nuns.

What are you, a nun?

Netflix posted a collage of two pictures from Warrior Nun with a powerful in itself caption.

Warrior Nun

Picture one is about the time when Ava used to refuse to become a nun or accepting her destiny where the picture is exactly the portrayal of what she was meant to be: a warrior nun. Whereas the caption says “if you’re gonna call me a nun, make sure to put WARRIOR in front of it”.

They all ain’t just nuns, they are warrior nuns who fight evil. So, you better not disrespect them!

It seems like Netflix is trynna reminding us that Warrior Nun is yet to back for another season; you guys better not forget her. Whatever it is Netflix, we love all of your appreciation posts about our favorite shows!

Now, let’s have a recap of Warrior Nun Season 1. Let’s revive some great memories.

Warrior Nun Season 1 

About the story of season 1, everything we witnessed, in the beginning, ended up being a trap of lies. The good became evil!

In simple words, Warrior Nuns were supposed to protect humanity from demons who walk on Earth and manipulate humans to commit felonies. However, the entire game changed when sister Shanon was murdered, and Ava, a dead girl became the bearer of the holy relic.

Every story that they have had heard about the holy relic turned out to be false. The holy relic was never given to Areala by an angel. In fact, it was a hell being who stole the holy relic, and on being followed by hell demons, he hid it inside Areala.

The one who we all thought to be the Angel Adriel was none other than a Hell Being. He has been imprisoned for the last thousand years but finally, by the end of season one, he succeed in freeing himself. His pawn Father Vincent manipulated Ava, sister Lilith, Sister Mary, and others to bring his plan into play: he made Ava think that its angel Adriels bones who attract the demons on Earth, and that is why they must destroy them but for this have to enter Adriel’s tomb. Ava on being manipulated entered Adriel’s tomb only to find out that he was alive, and he is no angel but a hell being.

However, it was too late. Adriel succeeded in escaping. By the end of season 1, we witnessed that Adriel is unleashing hell upon the Earth, and our warrior nuns are left clueless about what to do as their biggest support, their mentor turned out to be the true evil.

What to Expect From Season 2?

Warrior Nun Season 2 is what we all have been waiting for. Hopefully, in 2021, Netflix will drop the second season of the fantasy supernatural drama. We all are eager to know the truth about the origin of Warrior Nuns. For sure, despite whatever the origin is or could, from now onwards, our warrior nuns will shape their lives, faith, and fate in their own way.

Moreover, now, as Adriel is free, and Vincent is on his side, let’s see how the warrior nuns will be able to stop them. Well, two of the Warrior Nuns have supernatural powers, one has heavenly power, and the other posses the hell power. So, it’s gonna be hell intense to watch the second season of the Warrior Nun.

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