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As we all know that now the facility of IMDB message board or movie forums has closed, so there are still a lot of websites having archived message boards.

In terms of those archived boards, they came up with their own movie forums, particularly for the film fans, to begin and continue their prior discussions. There is no doubt that some of these message boards got failed along the side, and some of those are still there having different success rates. It depends on the community to make message boards live or die. In this regard, there is quite a significant number of shells that pretend to be the bodies filled with discussion and knowledge. Yes, we have chosen some of those;

Best Movie Forums:

That’s obvious that already there are movie forum websites such as Rotten tomatoes, TMDB, and many other forums and websites that included panels and discussion into it. Here mentioning all the best of those.

Here is now all the movie forums or message boards besides IMBD. Some of those having archived IMDB message boards and some are those that do not have IMDB message boards.

1. Movie Forums:

This is a website that is simple and tidy, along with offering easiness of usage. Right back to 2000, it was a discussion date for this website. It acquires plenty of active threads and an overwhelming community. However, it does not contain any sort of individual tv shows or movie message boards. Everything is collective, and people can collectively discuss the movies they want to watch.

2. Rotten Tomatoes:

Quite possible that rotten tomatoes are the second most famous website that people consider after IMDB, and of course, it is quite influential. It is filled with particular message boards for TV programs, movies, and actors. However, it is a bit tricky to navigate. We do not know about the forums that can get integrated into a similar page as it is connected with the TV show, movies, actors, etc. As it has cluttered designed, so its boards are not quite active, and there are fewer chances to become. The design of websites matters to make it active.

3. Film-boards:

Film-board is a great competitor and alternative to Movie Chat when it is about the best movie forums to discuss movie things and get answer. It acquires message board archives and priory existing forums for certain single movies, tv programs, and actors. However, its aesthetics immediately strikes your mind because its quite dull in looks and has no images. This website will never make you feel spending plenty of your time because of its zero attractiveness. Its search facility is also not great as it does not suggest you automatic suggestion in your search bar.

Mentioning its plus points includes its excellent chrome extension, which, whenever gets insert, results in providing you the recent threads of message boards at the bottom side of the page. Moreover, it can sync your old IMDB account and bring about all your previous message board conversations into this website’s account. It is something impressive for all those who have plenty of conversations in their previous IMDB account and thought they lost that forever.

Although it comes with some great and some low features. The most sad part is that it does not have an active community, and it becomes its negative point when comparing with Movie Chat. If we come back after one or two years and find that its community gets increases so it will be something quite better, but at this time, it is not looking great currently.

4. Movie Chat:

This is the movie forum that enables you to discuss movie things along with getting answers. It is also considered as the best IMDB message board alternative as it integrated each of the message archives for TV shows, movies, actors, and many more from the time IMDB closed their movie forums.

The essential point is that its community grows daily, and many of its board are active. As you expect, the most active one is the board about recent movie and tv programs releases, blogs, and ratings; its searching feature is quite easy and shows you automatic suggestions. This allows you to get over the page you want to go to.

There are people hoping for keeping the trolls at the limit and make this site grow overtime to make it a long term movie discussion forum for discussions and relatable answers.

Final Words:

These are the most common and best movie forums for the discussion of movie things and getting relatable answers. It is something great for all those who feel down after the closure of IMDB message boards. If you are also one of those who always want movie discussions, then get into these message boards.

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