Lucifer Season 5 Review and Finale Release Updates

After a long wait, Netflix has finally dropped half episodes of the final season of our favorite series, Lucifer. About the release of the finale of the devilish series, we can expect Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 to arrive either by the end of 2020 or earlier in 2021.

Lucifer Season 4 Recap

Until the fourth season of Lucifer, we witnessed a lot of devilish yet enthralling & charming twists in the story. We know that by the end of season 3, Chloe got to know about Lucifer’s truth. Whereas afterward in the fourth season, she tried to cope with this shocking reality about her love’s true nature. She finally got to know that she’s in love with a devil. Moreover, in the fourth season of Lucifer, we get to know about Eve as well as the prophecy that Lucifer’s first love would bring hell upon Earth.

By the end of Lucifer Season 4, we witnessed how hell demons unleash death upon the world as they came to claim their king. The demons threatened to take Charlie (Amandiel’s half celestial son) instead of Lucifer to make him the king of hell. Furthermore, we witnessed Lucifer disclosing the truth about the prophecy that Eve was never his first love, it was Chloe all along. Thereby, he made a deal with the demons & went back to hell to claim his throne.

Leaving us to bear witness of a devilish yet charming glimpse of Lucifer and Detective’s love (their first kiss), the fourth season ended.

What is the Reason Behind the Delay in Release of Lucifer’s Finale?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, COVID-19, the shooting of the fifth season was stopped. Therefore, the season was split into two halves: first eight episodes have been released whereas the remaining eight episodes are yet to shoot & release.

When will Lucifer Season 6 will Release?

On August 21, 2020, Lucifer Season 5 or we say part 1 of the fifth season hit the Netflix. The fifth season of the devilish series consists of only eight episodes which are indeed not enough for the fans.

Well, we can expect that the merry of Christmas will bring us what we have been craving for so long. The final season of Lucifer would release by the end of 2020. Or else, we can expect it to release by the start of the next year: January 2021.

Lucifer Season 5 (Part 1) Review

Lucifer Season 4 left us at a cliffhanger whether Lucifer would return or not: So, here we are with the review of the most awaited season, Lucifer Season 5 Part 1.

Who was Lucifer’s Imposter?

In Lucifer Season 5, we witnessed some of the most unexpected turns and twists. Where after watching the trailer of the fifth season, we were thinking that Lucifer’s twin brother got the detective and for sure will be seeing boning with her. There we were certainly wrong all about. Indeed, Lucifer’s twin brother happened to come on Earth to mess up Lucifer’s life (particularly in his absence) but couldn’t succeed in doing so.

Way before Amanadiel informed Lucifer about Michael’s futile attempts to replace him, Chloe caught Lucifer’s imposter red-handed. She said when she kissed him, she knew that something was wrong and when she saw him making out with Maze, she realized that it can’t be Lucifer.

What Happened to Maze in Lucifer Season 5?

So, Maze was aware of all this but after being pushed away by Chloe (as she tried to kiss her), Maze decided not to tell her the truth about Lucifer’s imposter. More about Maze, that we witnessed in this season is that she has been coping with an existential crisis. She also happened to meet her mother, Lilith but all in vain, she couldn’t figure out what she wants in her life, and how she can cope up with the feeling of being abandoned by everyone she loves. Thereby, by the end of the season, she chose to side with Michael leaving everyone shocked.

What is the Truth Behind Chloe’s Creation in Lucifer Season 5?

We witnessed that in the second episode, Amanadiel informed Lucifer about his twin’s deeds. So, leaving Amanadiel in charge of hell, Lucifer returned to Earth. However, things didn’t go so well for him earlier: Chloe got to know that she is a gift from God. However, at first, both of them mistook Chloe’s presence in Lucifer’s life but eventually, they realized it is way different than they think.

Finally, when Amanadiel talked sense into Chloe, she realized that the reason why Lucifer’s desire mojo doesn’t work on her is. She’s the only mortal who sees him for who he truly is. On the other hand, the reason why Chloe makes Lucifer Vulnerable is that he chooses her to do so: he let her in.

Simply, according to Amanadiel, men, and women are drawn to Lucifer because he pulls out people’s desires. But according to him, what if the reason is that they are drawn to him is because of Lucifer reflects people’s desires back to them. And unlike others, Chloe doesn’t see him that way. So, that is the reason his mojo doesn’t work on her as she is the only one who has been gifted the sight to see him for who he truly is.

Did Lucifer and Chloe Make Out Together?

Following this realization, Lucifer and Chloe came closer and finally make out together but what followed this lovemaking was quite unexpected. Lucifer became unable to pull our people’s desires but become invulnerable having Chloe all around. Moreover, just when Lucifer lost his mojo, he released that Chloe has his mojo now, and she was able to pull out his true desires.

What Happened to Amanadiel and Lind on Lucifer Season 5?

Well, about Amanadiel and Linda, we came to know about a lot of shocking truths. Linda has been hiding a bitter truth about her past life meanwhile she tries to be the best mother. Linda had a daughter when she was 17, and she abandoned her. On the other hand, Amanadiel came to know about Charlie’s mortality that unlike the other celestial beings Charlie is just an ordinary kid.

What Happened to Daniel in Lucifer Season 5?

When Dan saw Lucifer’s devil face, he did something quite unexpected. Michael tricked Dan to kill Lucifer after he gets to know about Lucifer’s truth. After being tricked by Michael, Dan went to shoot Lucifer. However, by the grace of his dad, he became invulnerable even having Chloe around.

Well, finally, when Chloe was kidnapped by Michael, Dan realized that he truly cares about her.

What Happened By the End of Lucifer Season 5?

By the end of Lucifer Season 5, we witnessed that just when Lucifer was about to say I Love You to Chloe, Amanadiel unwillingly stopped the time. Amanadiel freaked out upon realizing that his kid is just like ordinary mortal beings. Meanwhile, Lucifer was scolding him for stopping time, Michael and Maze arrived. Following this, four of them end up fighting with each other. The season ended with a glimpse of Lucifer, Amanadiel, and Michael’s dad arriving on Earth to stop his children from whatever they have been doing.

It seems like that this is exactly what Michael has been up to. Michael wanted to draw God’s attention and make it all happen from the beginning.

Let’s see what will happen in the final season of the devilish drama. Will Lucifer be forced to leave Earth and move back to Hell or this time, Michael would be the one to rule Hell?

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