Korean Dramas – Why Are They Most Popular Now?

Nowadays, the trend of watching Korean dramas is increasing highly. Several teens and other people spend hours just watching K-dramas. There are several factors for this. I am not saying that the trend of Pakistani programs and dramas is becoming dull or not much exciting, but there is something different for Korean dramas. Mostly, Pakistani people watching K-dramas have a separate fan base for it.

Korean dramas are highly addictive; some more of the core reasons are mentioned below.

1.     Visual Attractiveness of Drama:

The actor and actresses of Korean dramas are amusingly appealing. Most of the girls themselves claimed about the Korean guys, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Min Hoo, Park Hyuk Sik, and many to be their oppas. Besides, the goals of beauty and fashion are also at its huge by the beautiful actresses, Lee Sung Kyung, Park Shin Hye, etc. Korean dramas facilitate people by an enhanced level of visual attractiveness, which is a need for almost everyone.

2.     The Killing Aspect, Gratification:

In comparison with several other western programs, Korean dramas are quite clean. There is just a brief kiss which is the complete source of attention. Actually, that kiss is a build-up of the two characters getting into each other. It is a capturing thing which increases the thrill and makes worth to watch the whole drama. Apart from this, the only romance they do is holding each other’s hand and dating on restaurants. This all is much appealing and cute for the viewers.

3.     The Time Format of Korean Dramas:

Investing in watching a movie means, getting thrilled for just an hour of a few hours. Apart from this, watching a TV show means getting indulged into too many seasons along with waiting for months for the next premiere, a long way to go!

In all of these conditions, Korean Dramas are the best and perfect thing to go for. They are short miniseries that you can easily watch before going to bed. Complete drama serial just contains 23 episodes maximum, per episode, is of only 45 minutes approximately. A perfect format for getting fascinated in the whole busy routine!

4.     Mouthwatering Food:

If you are a real K-drama fan, then you would know about the mouthwatering dishes these dramas shows you. For sure, after watching a drama, you will begin craving ramen. Mostly all the dramas portray delicious dishes like hearty soups, grilled steak, pork cutlets, rolled up eggs, and sushi on the luxurious side. Isn’t this seems to be delightful and catchy? For sure, yes!

5.     Immersion of Korean Culture:

Yes, the immersion of Korean culture makes the dramas more exciting to watch. You will learn about Korean culture without getting bore ever. Along with this, you will also get to know a lot of societal norms outside the box; for instance, it’s good to take off shoes before entering the house and such others. Most importantly, you will learn how to emerge the ramen with several other things like egg or kimbap, just like a Korean pro.

6.     Sound Tracks Are Just Amazing:

The soundtracks of Korean dramas are heart-wrenching. Yes, believe me, it will make you amaze. You will love to watch it again after the completion of your drama. And the fascinating part is that you will feel the drama while just listening to it.

7.     Format of Korean Dramas:

Also, the format of k-dramas is quite simple and straightforward. This means that a typical k-drama has 16-20 episodes and gets completed. The length is not too much, nor too less. It is perfect for telling the whole story, its strong build-up and the end. It makes the viewers emotionally invested in it with its proper length. Also, the end of a drama is perfect, so it does not last for further seasons.

8.     Always Accessible:

The best thing about Korean dramas is that they are 24/7 accessible. K-drama watchers love to stream K-dramas online. After selecting one episode, you will just get wholly indulged and in no time begin to choose the next and the next and another after that. At a time you will realize you have completed 20 episodes in just one day. Bingo! But watching K-drama is addictive.

Final Words:

So these are some of the reasons why Korean Dramas are being loved everywhere, there are several more. Watching k-dramas ultimately takes you to Korea, and you begin to feel watching everything live. Believe it or not!

So now, are you planning to binge-watching Korean dramas?

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