Jasmine Flower – Things You Should Know About

Jasmine, the national flower of Pakistan, is associated with romance and love. It is perfect for moon gardens because of its showy white blooms and a heavy fragrance. On the other hand, it is cool for home décor too. It will fill the home with a relaxing scent which is quite soothing for getting into sleep. Some of the gardeners’ plant jasmine out of the bedroom window, which lets the room sink into fragrance.

Meaning Of Jasmine Flower:

The jasmine flower shows love and romance. It is also a soft symbol of beauty and sensuality. In some of the culture, jasmine also indicates with good luck. As the color of jasmine is white, it gets used in religious ceremonies signifying purity and clarity. Actually, the meaning of jasmine flower varies according to different norms and cultures.

Do You Know About Etymological Meaning of Jasmine?

Jasmine is the member of Genus ‘Jasminum’, and it has more than 200 species of plants. Most of them are the origination of tropical and sub-tropical areas. The name jasmine belongs to a Persian word ‘Yasmin’ which means the gift of God. It is something great to know about the national flower of Pakistan, right?

The Symbolism of Jasmine:

The national flower of Pakistan is jasmine. Most of the time in weddings, the bride and groom both wear the garlands of white jasmine accompanied by red roses. To celebrate some special occasions, the use of jasmine and roses is common as floral bouquets. Moreover, jasmine also indicates as burial garland, which means the final farewell.

In the Philippines, people use the garlands of jasmine for decorating the collaborators of religious ceremonies. People of Indonesia design things with jasmine, particularly for wedding ceremonies. In Thailand, jasmine is the excellent symbol of mother and expresses respect, care and love. Moreover, in the United States, Jasmine is the flower to show beauty, romance and love.

It’s quite fascinating to inform that jasmine is not only precious for Pakistani’s; it is a valuable flower worldwide.

Types of Jasmine Flower:

There are varied types of the jasmine flower that belongs to the same genus.

  1. Jasminum Grandiflorum:

Besides this, this is also known as Royal Jasmine or Spanish Jasmine. This type of jasmine flower grows mainly in the food industry rather than perfume making. These are pure white flowers that are evergreen in frost-free areas.

2. Jasmine Nudiflorum:

This type of jasmine also has another name, Winter Jasmine. This flower acquires shrubs that grow almost 4 ft wider and 7 ft high. The unique thing about this type of jasmine flower is that it is in bright yellow, unlike the other white color ones.

3. Jasminum Sambac:

This jasmine type is native to the Arab Peninsula and is ideal for warm places. This type of jasmine is a small white color flower with multiple layers that is quite attractive.

Some Interesting Facts About Jasmine:

  • The real origination of jasmine is in the tropical areas of Asia, but now it’s grown everywhere.
  • Sultry jasmine is not able to survive in temperate regions, but some of the modern cultivars can.
  • The cultivated versions of jasmine are being sold as houseplants.
  • Mostly, gardeners grow jasmine for the night air.
  • Most of the jasmine species give highly fragrant, white flowers, some species produce a flower with yellow or pink blooms, while some of the special give birth to the flowers which are lack is fragrance.
  • Common jasmine flowers get arise on a small shrub or bush while some of its varieties yield vines.
  • Jasminum officinale gets utilized for the extraction of the fragrance of lotions and perfumes or for making essential oils.

History Of Jasmine Flower:

At a time, a Tuscan gardener got a jasmine plant from Persian traders. He planted that in his own garden and refused everyone to cut those flowers from his garden. A day, he gifted a branch of those jasmine flowers to the one he loved. She became so amazed by the calming scent and agreed to marry him. Therefore, this became a Tuscan Tradition to add some jasmine flowers in the bouquet of the bride.

The Message of Jasmine:

The message of jasmine flower is mystical and means differently with different settings. Its immaculate beauty and exhilarating scent express about love, and it is the arousal of positive emotions. The smell of jasmine will always give you warm and sensual feelings.

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