Independence Day – Best Movies to Watch in the USA

Independence Day – Best Movies to Watch in the USA

Whenever June ends, the people of the USA waits for their independence day 4th of July and begin planning beach trips, or family BBQs. However, we should never forget the aim of this day, Independence Day of the USA. Yes, the people can go out to enjoy the fantastic fireworks and munch the hot dogs.

Alongside this, it is also important to remember the importance of the US nation and this great day.

Nothing could be a good option than considering movies to watch in Independence Day. Here we have collected some of the best movies for Independence Day in the USA that will make you remember the importance of nation.

1.     Lincoln 2012:

People believe that Abraham Lincoln is the only American president who is worthy of deification. This is the movie wholly based on this American president. The lead role of this movie got Oscar, and he prioritizes the humanity of Lincoln. This movie is directed in a way that makes you feel the kindness, sorrow, and determination of the country each minute. The film shows how the president strives until the end of the Civil War, along with assuring the rebuild of the nation.

2.     Red Dawn, 1984:

This movie includes the story of Midwest high school kids. The kids were watching their school getting invaded by Russian paratroopers. The leading role, Swayze get into the issue and came up with some local teenagers and became the leader of the resistance. This is the story on which the whole movie revolves, showing the struggle period for the kids and their school.

3.     Miracle 2004:

This movie entirely has the USA! USA! USA! Chant because of the sporting event. This is originated from the USA’s Olympic hockey team who got the price over the Soviet Union in the year 1980. This movie is actually the watching version of the way coach Herb Brooks collected a big team comprising college students and end up with a great sports win in the history of the USA. This was the victory that demands a tattoo of stars and stripes whole across the back. This was the great movie of its time and still worth watching on Independence Day.

4.     1776, 1972:

Surely you may all already listen about Hamilton. Alongside this, the worldly known music is getting played in San Francisco up till the time of January. However, two of its tickets would make you spend money worth of a car. So if you want to enjoy the experience of founding fathers dancing and singing in a cheap way, then 1776 is the movie you need to watch. It includes specified music that will accelerate your experience on Independence Day.

5.     Independence Day 1996:

This is the movie filled with chewing scenery, corny dialogues and much more explosions than the fireworks of 4th July. However, at the time when bad alien attacks, everyone came up with triumphing over the evil, this is the best strategy ever and followed by almost everyone and also the American way. Alongside it is called as Independence day.

6.     Apollo 13, 1995:

We all know that this is the story about Apollo, the story of the biggest rescue mission in the whole of humanity’s history. Apollo is now almost 50 years old but still known all over the world. This is also a great movie to watch on the 4th of July, celebrating Independence day.

7.     The natural 1984:

This is the best sports movie in the whole of Hollywood. The story of this movie revolves around the young man who becomes the victim of temptation, and he spends his year for getting redemption, then finds it and blows all that again. And finally, in the end, he becomes the hero of ages. This all is settled in the background of a baseball game, which is the basic American game. This is the whole story of this movie and the ultimate choice as one of the movies to watch in Independence Day.

8.     Rocky 1976:

Forty years back, Sylvester Stallone was the personality no one knows about; then, he gets into the movie named Rocky, and because of a worldly sensation. An up till now, he is a sensation. This is an excellent movie, including the climactic fight and much more. It is good to go option for 4th July.

Final Words:

Including these and a lot, more movies are there to watch on 4th July for celebrating Independence Day. You all should enjoy the day by going out and spending time with family, along with knowing the worth of your country and nation.

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