How To Get Your Child to Stop Playing Video Games?

Video games aren’t bad as they are letting you go into a fantasy world, where all the modes are under your control. These games are important as they let you feel more confident and improve your skills to do better for the support and planning of the running of the brain quickly and sharply. If the video game is played for long, then it has negative impacts. It is important to get your child to stop playing video games.

Adverse Impacts of Stop Playing Video Games

There is a high percentage of side effects of the video games upon the child. You may not be able to handle them, but it is essential to reconsider that you are actually spoiling your child by high exposure to the video games. It is bothering the mindset of the kids in a bad manner. Keeping them away from the games is important.

The very side effects of playing video games are:

1.      Effect on Eyesight of Playing Video Games

It is going to spoil the eyesight of the kid in some way. Kids already not care about the brightness level of the screen. Besides, it is troublesome that they are not using the screen saver to avoid the high rays of the game screen.

2.     Effect on Body of Playing Video Games

The body of players is lazier and slow. It may spoil their image in society. They look fizzy and bulky in outlook. It is essential to reconsider their game time and limit their screen time.

3.      Effect on Brain of Playing Video Games

The brain activity of the kids while they are playing the game, works very well but unfortunately, they are exactly lazy in the late hours. The laziness is making their brain activities down, so they respond in routine matters at a slow pace.

4.     Effect on Social Life of Playing Video Games

The social life of the players is totally spoiled. They love to play, and it is a real addiction! They have lost the charm of human exposure plus coordination; this is why they prefer to play games instead of sitting with fellows.

5.      Effect on Education of Playing Video Games


They give more time to the game. This means they are giving less time to the other essential activities like education. So, when the study has less time then, of course, the results and grades will go down.

How to Convince Your Child to Stop Playing Video Games?

Well, addiction has no way out! The child intends to plan in his own way. The idea is strange as the kid is going to damn care about your advice. He/she is motivated to go for the game time.

But still, the things are in your hand to an extent. Now you are not able to convince the child for quitting the game, but you may lead the kid to play lesser than before at least. Some of the tactful strategies are here for you. They are:

1.      Coordinate with Child

·         Use common room

It is better to use the common room for putting the video game. In this way, you will be able to communicate with the kid all the time. The less privacy will increment your supervision level too.

·         Set the limits

You need to define some policies about playing the games. It is not crucial that the child will play all the games. You need to see the dressing, outlook, players aggressive nature, and other features to limit the things.

·         Time setter

Time definition matters; the time limit must be important. The idea is that the playtime will be 3 hours, then a break time. Then after a while, they may play, and then they may restart.

·         Play with the kid

You can also play the game with the kid. You may see that the kid is doing well. He/she will be involved with you, too, in this manner.

·         See what’s special

You can see that the video game is special in some way. The special things can help out judge the kid and also tell him/her that what is special in it and why it is. You may also change his/her opines.

2.      Set the Limitations

·         Transition time

You may take the kid for exercise and playing outside. This will let you and the kid spend some time. It is the spacing time indeed. This transition will be doing well!

·         Calendars

The calendars may help you see the timing of playing of the kids. The calendar may define how much the time he/she has played in the single day.

3.      Encourage the Interests

·         Painting and art

You may create motor activities for the kid. This will let the kid do better. The painting and art are helpful to manage the colours and art activities.

·         Social life

Try to befriend to your kid. In addition, you may make friends for him. He will be happy to reach new friends and enjoy more. Take him for a walk, let him/her meet new people to think about them.

·         Education

Education can be the real interest of the kid. You need to make the educational activity creative plus attractive, so he/she may develop an interest in it and go for it.

·         Workouts

It is important to have some exercise time for the kid. The help is genuine in the form of swimming, yoga, exercise, running, etc.

4.      Show other Options

·         Situations

The situations are specific for your kid. If he is getting hyper after shutting down the game for you. It isn’t a good idea, it is important to manage the things for him/her as per mood.

·         Familiarization

The familiarity is important for the kid. You need to learn more about it. You need to come closer to your child. It is important as the best tips to stop playing video games.

Final Words

Although it isn’t easy to convince the child to leave the game. But still, the best tips to stop playing video games can help out. You need to be sharp and tactful for managing the work. The kid is in the learning stage, you can convince him/her to quit video games. You can do it!


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