Health Effects of 5G

5G or fifth generation is the next-generation cellular technology for the next generation of smartphones. However, it is imminent having a lot of health risks as it is a quite powerful network. Should we worry about the upcoming health effect of 5G?

Maybe you already saw several articles and posts on social media about health effect of 5G that it is dangerous as cellular technology. It has higher energy radiations that affect human health potentially. Furthermore, the conspiracy theorists suggested that this new network ends up generating radio frequency radiations. It could be the cause of damaging DNA, rooting to cancer, and showing oxidative damage leading to premature aging, disrupting metabolism, and such other potent diseases.

Yes, surely it makes everyone worried, but everyone should know the actual science about health effect of 5G.

Introduction to 5G:

5G is the latest wireless cellular network working since year 2019. Now, this year carriers started rolling out new standards of wireless. 5G technologies introduces various devices.

For sure, 5G assures vast improvement in the performance of the network. In comparison to 4g, 5G is the potential to give you peak level speed in between 10 to 20 Gbps. It will be an excellent deal for streaming video games, the internet of things, online videos, etc. Its low latency allows connecting the 5G network to sensors, several devices, and computers.

How Concerns Evolve?

Before getting in 5G, the health concerns in terms of radiation are not something worthless. It is the reason actually 5G is hazardous for health. It is because of its electromagnetic radiation that is dangerous for human health.

In the past several years, studies showed that there is a secure link between cell phones and human health. while sleeping keep cellphone away from your body.Devices always emit radiations that imply on the mind and brain of the user.

In this regard, 5G technology continuously emits intense radiations that are effective for human health. This way, the concerns of the 5G network evolve all over the world.

Now the exposure of the 5G network is almost 3.5 GHz. It is the same as the base station of mobiles existing currently. The exposure is quite more variable for the use of multiple beams from 5G antennas. However, as 5G technology is still at the level of deployment, so the point of changing exposure to radiofrequency fields is also under investigation.

Potential Health Risks from 5G Network:

To date, still after several types of research and studies, yet there are not any adverse health effects found that is linked to wireless technologies. The conclusions related to health concerns are from the analyses for the whole radio spectrum. Only there are quite a few frequencies of radio spectrum used in the 5G network.

Interaction between the radiofrequency fields and the human body ends with the core function of tissue heating. The exposure level of radiofrequency from the technologies ends up causing the rise of temperature in the human body.

Reaction and Solution

Due to an increase in frequency, the body tissues suffer from less absorption, and energy penetration gets more confined to the surface of the body that is eyes and skin. Also, the core complaint from 5G network is that the power of 5G transmitters is quite low; there should be more. The Environmental Health Trust suggested that there 5G requires the buildout of more than thousands of new wireless antennas in the towns, cities, and areas. In terms of the estimates, the small cellular cell or any other transmitter will be in two to ten homes.

As 5G network is still under deployment, several changes require. We can expect a lot of changes that could also decrease the level of health risks from a 5G network, which are, however, not confirmed.

To conclude

It is quite essential to note that for now, according to all the information we know about the 5G network shows us that there is nothing to be alarmed about. As in our daily lives, we use a significant number of technologies in our tech world. Using this much technology also has substantial risks to health. But we still use it, so we can also use 5G networks without any alarms. Health hazard either is low or Zero by the use of 5G network, nothing is confirmed.  We yet do not anything clear cut. So yes we can use a 5G network with full enthusiasm but with some precautions, as there could be serious health hazards from its radiations.

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