Ezra Miller’s Flash to be a Part of Arrowverse?

After his cameo appearance in the crisis on infinite earths crossover, social media is flooded with potential posts about Ezra Miller’s Flash. Where we want to see Grant’s Flash and Ezra’s Flash together for more than just a cameo, there, Eric Wallace has finally hinted that Ezra Miller would likely to be a part of Arrowverse: an episode of The Flash will feature Ezra’s Flash.

Cameo of Ezra Miller’s Flash in Crisis

In the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Flash head to retrive the Paragons, he accidently met with the other Flash. That other Flash was none other than Ezra’s Flash who’s a part of Justice League. However, until then, the justice league Barry Allen didn’t called as The Flash. Rumors says that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen decided to name himself The Flash after his meeting with Arrowverse’s Flash in the crisis.

Ezra Miller's Flash

Ezra Miller’s Flash in the Justice League 

We have already seen Ezra’s Flash in action. He’s super cute, funny, a bit nervous but has one hell of enthusiasm to help save humanity. Despite having super speed, he hasn’t reached his full potential yet. Ezra’s Flash is yet to realize how powerful he meant to be.

As Zack Synder is about to present the director’s cut of the Justice League, we can hope to have more of The Flash’s action in the film. According to the trailer, Iris will be a part of the upcoming film: may we get to witness Iris and Barry’s chemistry for real.

As the film is 4-hour long, it would be a great chance for all of us to dig deep into our superheroes’ lives.

Other than Justice League’s director cut, we will surely get to see Ezra’s Flash in his solo film that is said to be its underdevelopment stages. The Flash movie would be exactly what will give us insight into Ezra’s Flash’s life for real.

Ezra Miller’s Return in Arrowverse

Ezra Miller is expected to return in Arrowverse, at least for one single episode. There’s a possibility that Arroweverse’s The Flash is all set to welcome back Ezra Miller’s Flash for an entire episode. Indeed, the fans are dying to watch both DCEU and DCTV’s Flashs in action for another real-time.

In 2021, The Flash Season 7 will premiere and we can expect the creators to turn this possibility into reality in the seventh season somehow.

As in the crisis, the multiverse was destroyed, and now, only one Earth is left, so, it means that Justice League’s Flash would exist on the same Earth as Arrowverse Flash. Is this even possible? Yes, it is possible!

So, what to expect from Ezra’s Flash and Grant’s Flash when they will come together?

As we have seen that Ezra’s Flash has no mentor to teach him about using his super-speed abilities, so, we can expect Grant’s Flash to help him learn all about his powers. We would love to see one Flash training another. Let’s see what twists and turns will this reunion bring on both Flashs’ lives.

Do You Know Ezra Miller is the Credence From Fantastic Beasts?

Did you know that Ezra Miller is the iconic actor who’s playing the character of Credence in the Fantastic Beasts film series?

The majority of people wouldn’t have noticed but the truth is that Ezra, our flash is the one who’s playing Credence, a troubled magical kid in the Fantastic Beasts films. For sure, Ezra’s acting as Credence is quite remarkable. Where being The Flash he’s the funniest guy ever, there as Credence, he’s the most troubled, silent, shy, nervous, scared yet dangerous kid known in the wizarding world. Both as Credence, and Flash, Ezra nailed it.

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