Entrepreneurs – Movies and Series To Inspire

People end up being entrepreneurs for various reasons. Some people have genius minds and great ideas that they know they can succeed. Some get motivate by revenge or greed, or some can become an entrepreneur to escape from rigid office schedule.

Regardless of the reason why you become an entrepreneur, still being your own boss is the greatest thing one can have. To get more inspiration, there are movies for entrepreneurs you can watch.

So, today in this article mentioning all the best series and movies for entrepreneurs to get inspiration from,

1. Silicon Valley:

This series is a creation of Mike Judge. This is a critically acclaimed movie that shows the striving story of young software programmers and developers who are trying to get success in Silicon Valley. The film comprises of an all-star cast of TJ Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr. Silicon Valley is a ridiculous step in the startup ecosystem. It elaborates on how much it is challenging for the new entrepreneurs to make their impacts in a quite competitive environment of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley contains for about 6 six seasons and each season comprises of 53 episodes. It got recently finished; its last episode was aired on December 8, 2019.

2. Dragons’ Den UK:

Dragons’ Den was created in 2001 in Japan, and the series was said to be as the Tigers of Money. The local version of this program got generated in more than 30 countries, and its British version is said to be as Dragons’ Den. The British version is the most famous series that also gave inspiration to Mark Burnett, and he ends up producing Shark Tank (a reality show.)

This show includes the pitch budding of entrepreneurs’ ideas to five investors who are also the Dragons. After that, they can decide to invest in that product/service or not they pitched.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness:

The dream of most of the people is to build themselves through their own help from even the most downside circumstances. This movie is totally relatable to this that how much it is challenging for one to complete any one of his or her dreams and demands a plethora of hard work. So, the story of this movie is based on a real story of a homeless man who turned out to be a millionaire. Will Smith plays the role of a striving salesman who become homeless after a disastrous incident. So the movie revolves around his story that how much he struggled and strived to achieve his goals and one day become a millionaire. It is an excellent movie for entrepreneurs who are hunting for motivation.

4. The GodFather:

Maybe you found this choice as an odd, but according to us, the rise of the mafia is one of the fascinating entrepreneur stories. The GodFather with his son initiated a family business into that powerhouse that one illegal in New York. This movie actually shows how money and power can corrupt the spirit of an entrepreneur to an extreme. Due to this, it is a must-watch movie for all the entrepreneurs out there.

5. Office Space:

Furthermore, this movie is for those who are in need of inspiration to quit their dull 9 to 5 job and begin a business and be an entrepreneur. This is an absurd movie that will even motivate the timid person having a deskbound for 9 – 5 daily and let him think of escaping from this office prison. Soon the viewers of this movie learned that, when you do not work for yourself, nothing can make you go ahead. Therefore, this movie is a whole inspiration and a must-watch choice for all the entrepreneurs and those thinking to be one.

6. The Social Network:

Facebook is a platform that controls the consumption of our media. Whether you accept it or not, like it or not, Facebook does, this is what the movie shows. This movie shows the common origins of Facebook and the cultures of Harvard University. Alongside this, the film has an interpersonal drama that begins when the founders don’t manage things before getting successful. This movie shows the lesson to chose your team and people wisely.

7. StartUp:

The StartUp is a web series that shows the story of GenCon emergence, which is a brilliant but controversial cryptocurrency startup. This series has all the great cast actors, Adam Brody, Otmara Marero, Edi Gathegi, Martin Freeman, Addison Timlin, Mira Sorvino, and Ron Perlman. The first season of this show gained mixed responses, some were praising, and some were criticizing. However, over the years, it won all the loyal fans. Currently, the series only has three seasons of each thirty episodes.

Being an entrepreneurs, consider watching these movies for inspiration and motivation.

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