Enola Holmes- This September, Sherlock’s Detective Sister is Arriving on Netflix!

“Enola Holmes” a mystery film based on Nancy Springer’s young adult fiction of detective novels is all set to hit Netflix this September on 23rd. Get ready to be a part of the journey of your favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes‘ younger sister.

What is the Story of Enola Holmes?

Enola Holmes is a mystery film that is based on the young adult fiction series of detective novels written by Nancy Springer. If we compare the premise of the film with the story of the first novel in the series then we realize that it is quite the same. However, the ending is yet to reveal. Who knows in the film, Sherlock will help Enola to find her mother, or maybe to some extent, the film will be related to the other novels in the series as well.

Anyhow, as per the premise and the trailer of the film, Enola’s mother will go missing and she will seek her half-bothers’ help but considering this unimportant, they will refuse to help her and try to send her to a boarding school. However, Enola will escape but Sherlock will go find her. For sure, Enola’s gonna realize that the world where she has arrived after escaping her brothers is no fantasy island.

Let’s see will Enola be able to find her mother using her detective skills or she has gone rogue only to get herself in trouble.

How Enola Holmes is Related to Sherlock Holmes?

Enola Holmes is the 14-year old younger sister of our all-time favorite and handsome detective Sherlock Holmes. Basically, Enola is Sherlock’s half-sister. So, it’s gonna be hell interesting to witness Sherlock and Enola’s chemistry as half and especially, estranged siblings. It seems both of them haven’t met before Enola’s mother went missing. As per the trailer of the film, on overhearing her brothers’ conversation about what they think of her, she will flee from Sherlock’s place in order to find her missing mother but Sherlock will follow her till the rest.

Who is Playing the Role of Enola?

To your surprise, the role of Enola is played by none other than the Stranger Things star, Eleven. This is for the second time that we will see Millie Bobbie on the screen. For sure, Millie will make the best out of it. Once again, she will steal our hearts with her remarkable performance. If you watch the film’s trailer, you’ll see how perfectly she fits-in the description of Enola, and it is really admirable how well she has played the character. The way Millie looks, fights, and urges to find her missing mother as Enola, it seems like just as Enola is certainly a borne-detective, Millie was born to play this character.

Anyhow, as the film is yet to release, we’ll have to wait to get more of Millie as Enola. Well, about Enola, as per her brothers, although she seems intelligent, she is a wild child raised by a wild woman, and they are supposed to make her acceptable for society.


Will There be Helena Bonham Carter in the Film?

Helena Bohnam Carter is playing the role of Enola’s mother, Eudoria Holmes. It’s gonna be exciting to watch Helena in action. Unfortunately, Helena’s character Eudoria will go missing in the film. It is yet to know whether she’ll disappear willingly or unbeknownst to anyone, she will be kidnapped. There’s a lot to know about Enola and her mother Eudoria. As per Enola, her mother was always with her but yet she named her exactly the opposite of ALONE. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity to explore Sherlock and Mycroft’s relation with their step-mother.

When Enola Holmes Will Arrive Netflix?

At first, Enola Holmes was supposed to be released by Warner Bros but due to the pandemic, Netflix received the film’s distribution rights. So, on 23 September 2020, Enola, the youngest detective will arrive on Netflix.

What Will be the Running Time of Enola Holmes?

Trust me, watching Enola Holmes gonna be the most exhilarating 123 minutes of your life. The running time of the film is 2 hours, and for sure, it’s gonna be a pleasure to witness Enola’s quest to find her mother.

For further updates about Enola Holmes, stay tuned with us.

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