Daily Ayurvedic Routine for Glowing Skin

Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal system is quite an old tradition of pre-historic India. From the times of mythology to now, people look for Ayurvedic treatment for glowing skin and solutions for their various health problems. Now, the whole world knows and understands how vital this traditional medicine system is for your health. When it comes to your skincare, there are tons of Ayurvedic treatment for glowing skin and routines that you can follow for better health.

Though, it is best to see an ayurvedic doctor, if you have severe skin issues to get a full routine that they can create keeping in mind your issues and skin type. Otherwise, the tips that we are discussing below are safe for everyone and will have an amazing effect on your skin.

Skincare Routine Using Ayurveda

  1. Full Skincare body routine

There are three steps for taking care of your skin using Ayurveda- Cleanse, nourish, & moisturize. Now, this sounds like the steps that we follow every day, and it is true. The basic difference is that the modern skincare routine involves using soap with chemicals to do the same.

In Ayurveda, you use Ubtans which you can prepare using herbs or legumes or flours. They are the best organic materials for bringing that much-needed glow to your face and skin. Let’s see how to do that:


  • There are many Cubans that you can use for cleansing your body. For instance, mix chickpea flour which is a natural exfoliator with milk powder in equal amounts. Make it in huge amounts, and every time you take a shower, take 2 tsp of it, and mix with water and scrub over your wet body. Take a shower after that for a clean and soft body.
  • Also, you can use chickpea flour, turmeric, and raw milk in equal amounts. Make a thick paste and use it to scrub your face and body. It is another ubtan ensuring your body is clean and works on inflammation and pigmentation as well.

 Nourishing and Moisturizing

Nourishing your skin properly ensures that there are no cracks or dryness on it. The Ayurvedic way of doing this is by mixing 28 gms of Almond oil with essential oil. Now, you have to take ten drops of essential oil, and that depends on your skin. For instance, the sweet orange essential oil is best for dry skin, lavender doe oily skin, and sandalwood for sensitive skin.

When you use this oil for your skin, you don’t need any other moisturizer as it keeps the skin soft and glowing. So, after a shower, dry yourself. Warm the oil and take some on your hands. Now, massage your feet, scalp, and abdomen, and other body parts. Do it slowly and rub the joints in a circular motion for better penetration.

  1. Pimple and face care
  • Use warm water for washing your face if you have pimples and acne. It will remove the dead skin cell from your face. Also, you can use the ubatans we mentioned above to cleanse your face.
  • Use jojoba oil to massage your face as it doesn’t cause irritation or burns.
  • Spray water or rose water on your face from time to time.
  1. Follow seasonal rhythms

People who don’t have serious skin conditions like acne or eczema must follow a seasonal rhythm. It means that when winters are ongoing, use organic oils for nourishing your skin and providing it protection against dry weather. In summers, use Aloe Vera or rose products to ensure that your skin remains cool. In springtime, use ayurvedic oil or products for massaging your skin as it is the best weather for detoxification.

Now, we know some Ayurvedic tips for nourishing our bodies. Let’s look at some tips that will make your body and skin glow from the inside.

skin care

  1. Pay attention to your diet

If you are not eating healthy and wholesome food which includes vegetables and fruits, it won’t matter what products you are using. So, include them in your diet, and try to stay away from refined products like sugar and fried and red meat.

Another point to remember is to eat in moderation. No matter what you eat, don’t indulge in it. Once a while is okay, but if you eat more than what your body needs, it will not be great.

  1. Plan your diet

Another way to ensure that you stick to a healthy diet by planning your diet and meals. This way you know how much you have to eat and what to eat the whole day. It will ensure that you don’t eat anything that you are not supposed to eat. To create a diet plan, make use of the Canva planner.

  1. Stay happy

Do things that make you happy. Otherwise, sadness or anxiety will lead to stress and depression and they are not good for your skin.

  1. Exercise daily

Do any type of exercise-yoga, cardio, Pilates, or walk, but make sure you get 350 minutes of workout every week. It helps you stay fit and ensures your skin remains good too.

5. Do yoga

Yoga is great for your skin. So, do hatha yoga and pranayama daily for better and glowing skin. Also, meditation relieves stress which we know is the biggest reason we get bad skin.

These are not big changes. They are small and affordable and gradually they will become a part of your routine and your skin will glow and become healthy both from inside and outside.

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