Columbus Day – Movies You Can Watch On

Columbus Day is a holiday in the USA for commemorating Christopher Columbus. The date Americans celebrate this day is 12th of October, which is on its way. So, if you are really a fan of Columbus, then mark your weekend as Columbus Day.

Usually, people celebrate their weekend by engaging them in festivals; those who do not attend colleges may go for a simple and quiet evening with a cup of coffee and any newly launched movie.

Columbus is also a favorite for a lot of people out there. There are a lot of movies on Columbus you can watch.

Here mentioning the best movies on Columbus, you can watch in 2020.

1.     Atanarjuat – The Fast Runner:

This is one of the epic films that include the story of a historic Inuit legend concerning escape, love, and betrayal. It is wholly based on the Inuit language. Actually, it is the excellent work by special Inuit actors and filmmakers, who themselves research about their history and ancient customs with great care to bring all that back to life on screen. To make it work, its cast and crew moved to Canada, Igloolik, and lived in the tents bearing torturing weather. This all results in a beautiful and perfect movie giving a glimpse of the past we never know before.

2.      The Mission-Columbus Movie:

The story of this movie circulates around two whites. It was one of the most popular movies that entirely get into the reality of South America between the time of the 1740s. There were just Jesuit Priests, the European believing that the indigenous communities which are around Rio De La Plata acquired souls within them and should not get kidnapped and get into slavery. This was the brutal custom that got followed a lot and tearing each of the tribes. The European, Jesuit Priest set foot on to the nearest tribes and end up with building cities with them for protection. This was the unique and respectful step taken in that violent time.

That’s not the thing that the Jesuits project was not having negativities. Still, it was the successful step for the protection of indigenous communities that was enough for making the crown angry. This was what result in a viciously violent attack on all the new cities for removing those Americans who are securing the rights of natives. This film is not right but a better initiation to make people know about the history that still has its mark.

3.      Ixcanul:

This movie is a modish Guatemalan story. It is considerable because it is the very first movie that wholly get shoot in Kaqchikel, which is the Mayan language. This movie revolves around two potential indigenous women and scouts for the family relationships and suffers from cultural hopes from a young Mayan girl who is finding her space in the community. This movie also shows a side of the way brutality and racism are still affecting the indigenous people.

The actors of this movie were all the get cast in a local workshop that is carried by the director, who is himself a part of Mayan. And each of the movie dialogue is in Kaqchikel. This movie is a win for the people of indigenous Guatemalan, which hardly found then in media.

4.     Spirit – Stallion of The Cimarron:

This movie is not an actual life happening, and the leading role in this movie is a horse. However, it is still family-friendly and attractive in visuals. This movie includes the story of destruction that was ongoing in North America on animals and humans both. The story of this movie is quite beautiful and soothing, reflects some points of the history of America that usually do not get filmed in animations.

There is a lot of criticism on this movie for being formulaic. Another reason for criticism was pouring down the worst survived by the Lakota through the army of America. Although it is a children movie and all the visuals of this movie will get save in the minds of kids for life.

5.     I Love You – Beth Cooper:

This movie is fun to watch but end up with faithful adaptation. It could be memorable because the film solidifies Hayden Panettiere as the one who can never seem to have a break. It is a movie spreading hopes, but generally, it is a cute, funny, and family-friendly movie.

6.      Home Alone:

This movie is one of the top ten highest-grossing films of all time. No one could forget about it that how this was a trend, and people also made it a Columbus trend. This movie revolves around a kid who got left by his family alone at home. He got his father’s credit card as a blessing in disguise. He spent his whole time with complete enjoyment having parties and junk while his mother and father were worried out for their alone kid. They even try their best to come to their kid but sometimes luck does not work. This was an utterly epic and family-friendly movie  you can consider watching.

Final Words of Columbus Movies:

So these are some ultimate movies you can watch on Columbus Day to make your holiday worth. These movies will make you remember and know the past of your people alongside giving you a rollercoaster of entertainment.

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