Bridal Shower – The Essentials and Etiquettes

The bridal shower is the pre-wedding ritual in which female relatives and friends of the bride arrange a get-to-gather party for the bride’s honour. They also bring gifts for the preparation of the bride’s married life. Before the marriage ceremony this traditional event is arrange.

Here are mentioning all the essentials about bridal shower etiquettes.

  • Arrangement of Bridal Shower:

The bridal shower is a traditional responsibility of the maid of honour. The traditional etiquette is that it should not get hosted by any member of the bride’s family. But whatsoever, now in the modern world, things are change, and anyone can arrange the party. This also includes the bride. Mainly, the arrangement is organize by the friends or cousins of the bride and give a warm surprise to the bride. All the arrangements and payments are done by the bridal side.

  • The Time to Held Bridal Shower:

The perfect time to arrange a bridal shower is four to six weeks before the wedding. When the bride still has some time to attend it, and she is not much busy with her wedding planning. However, if the bride lives somewhere out of town and is just coming back home for the wedding, then the shower can be arrange just a week before the wedding. Definitely, you never want to stress out the bride as soon there will be her wedding. So make sure not to host her bridal shower quite close to her wedding date. It can stress her and making her feel tired. Keep gap in between wedding day and bridal shower to let it be special and refresh for her.

  • Refreshments to Serve At a Bridal Shower:

This is an essential bridal shower etiquette to serve all the guests with refreshments. Popular foods and drinks to offer include cupcakes, biscuits, and sweets, along with savoury appetizers like tarts, sandwiches, quiches, salads, and cold soups. As the bridal shower is a celebrating occasion, so beverages are also essential. So the drinks could be cocktail, cold drinks, juices, cold coffee, and ice tea.

Still, it is complete the choice of the host to offer the refreshment that they can arrange. Some of the modern bridal showers include the food that is the bride’s favourite dish. Consider offering a great deal of refreshment between being substantial and decent. It does not matter how much dishes you are serving; all matters is the quality of food.

  • Guests to Invite At a Bridal Shower:

The traditional bride showers were small events with almost ten to twenty guests. Only the main guests like a bridesmaid, female members, mothers, and sisters of the bride and groom were included.

However, the current trend of bridal shower includes all the female members as guests. It is acceptable to invite all the surrounding female people but not essential. The main guests in a bridal shower are the sisters and mothers of the couple. These are crucial to invite and make efforts to organize the bridal function.

  • Gift Giving Etiquette:

Now in a modern context, the bride has to create a gift registry to give that to guests with a list of gift suggestions. But if the bride hasn’t created the gift registry, then the guest themselves choose to gift anything they want to. Those gifts could be anything like crockery items for her new home, clothes for her new life, accessories or other things that she likes.

Besides this, there comes a little effort for the bride needs to do, which is not emotionally, financially, or mentally stressing. It is simply creating thank you cards to praise the people who celebrated your day. This part comes at the end of the function when everyone is done with refreshments, the tables have been cleared, and all the balloons have been popped. The bride should distribute ‘Thank You’ cards to praise and thank those people who made her day special. It will make the whole celebration ultimate.

Final Thoughts:

Bridal shower etiquettes include that the bride has to open the gifts in front of the guests and make them feel gratitude. These etiquettes and essentials will make the function a much more enchanting event for all the females. Consider these points to assure that your celebrations go great and all the arrangements are on the utmost level.

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