After a bit of time spending in boxing training, achieving the standard skills and mastering over the basics of all the techniques, here the times comes to put the punches together in smooth queue that’s called boxing combinations. Because in a real fight you are never foreseeable to land all the punches thrown by you, the best way to get most chances for clean landing is to throw the punches in bunch.

The greatest challenge in the offense of boxer is to assure that your punches are not telegraphed. When the opponent fighter observes that the punch is on its way, it gives them time to evade and this slips out the punch. Using the technique of boxing combinations alters your hit and keeps the rival into his toes, making him not able to appreciate your next move.

Yes, it is possible that you already played well with all your combinations. But here mentioning some of the great points that will make it more effective.

These are the top 5 things you are needed to consider while throwing the punch combination in boxing.

1.     Hitting the Same Punch to the Same Area is worst!

The core point to alter your rival is by mixing things up. In boxing, only those punches that land in a legal part, head and body are counted as the merit for boxer. That’s essential because legal scoring zones are limited in boxing.

To land your punch in potential way is by hitting clean punches in constant manner along with changing the targets in between body and head both. This way will make your rival confused about predicting where you are going to focus and hit.

Never hit the same punches to the likewise areas. Always alter your combination punches by repeatedly hitting upside and downside to your rival. It will not let them asses there are you going to punch next.

2.     Don’t Waste Your Punches and Be Alert about The Rate of Energy:

Another considerable point is that, you should never hit punches only to throw them. Assure that each punch you hit uses your energy, and you have a limited rate of energy that will be spend on all the fights. Yes, it is inducing to continuously do relentless attacks. But it will of course make you punch out.

Boxing is the physical undertaking of both aerobic and anaerobic. The more punches we hit rapidly, the harder our cardio system function to flow the blood. About the maximum 80% of our heart rate that’s a normal rate when we work hard during a fight, lactic acids begins to amalgamate into our muscles.

Hitting a lot of punches will result in reaching the end of your lactic acid point. It will effect in a way that you will not be able to lift your arms and your punches will lack potential.

To avoid happening this, assure that you are alert about your boxing combinations. It is an essential thing to hit your punches in an aggregate along with not wasting the energy by hitting worthless punches.

3.     Don’t Hit the Likewise Combinations!

The best part about boxing is that there are several different combinations you can apply during a fight. There are some standard combination such as 1-2, and the hook-straight and then the advanced level combinations.

It is necessary not to hit all the likewise combination. Or at an extent your rival will become able to predict your hit and act accordingly.

To be a great offense, ensure to keep your punches varied output. Do your combination practice based on the focus mitts. At a time you become comfortable with all your movements then begin to implement your techniques in sparring. Sparring is best thing to consider to be personalize with the whole flow of fight.

4.     Move Your Head to be Unpredictable:

Good head movement is a good thing for defense along with making your punch combinations unpredictable. Weaving and bobbing will make you tough to get hit while alongside, transfer and shifting your momentum and weight will become a smooth motion.

Constantly head moving is a sign of good boxer. It is not easy to focus on the movement of head in a fight while focusing and worrying about several other actions in the ring. But focusing on the movements of head means that you are entirely concentrate an all the actions of your pugilistic strategy.

Moreover, head motions also mean that you are not the one to get a hit clean. It will be an additional layer of presuming to your defense and offense both.

You can practice head movements by the trick of shadow boxing. Stand in front of a mirror and begin to box along with focusing on your head that how you move it.

5.     Make Your Positioning Better:

To boost up the accuracy of your punch, it is essential to know the time for executing your boxing combinations. The most common hook of novices is that they can’t gauge appropriately the distance. Some implement the combinations from far and overextend to their punches and got left. This can easily get cover by improving the footwork and making the positioning better.

Foremost, you have to learn the movement of feet to cover distance rapidly cover the gap and get into the limited range of punching. Along with this, concentrate on your hits because your rival is not going to wait for anything.

The fact is that, always circle away from the most potential punch of your rival. In this way, when they have to experience this, their productivity and power immensely got down word.

Good positioning is quite necessary to know when to implement all your best punch combinations. Pair this with good footwork and you will become pro in winning against your rival in no time.

Final Words:

So the next time, practicing for boxing, assure to focus on these five points. This will boost up your boxing strategies and make you more potential to fight against your rival. You should always get the most out of your punching combinations.