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Best TV Shows You Can Watch Right Now

We all know that in the past time sports were the most trending thing to binge on. However, as the media boosted and streaming networks arrived like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, watching seasons, series, and movies is a new norm. There is bulk content available to binge on. TV shows are another entertaining thing you can stick on. Time is short, and content is more, so it becomes quite challenging to choose one particular thing and stick to it.

In this regard, here I am recommending the best TV shows you can watch right now.

1. Game of Thrones-TV Season:

If you really love to watch TV shows, definitely you know that the show is great when it makes you tear your hair as you wait a whole week for a new episode and a year for a new season. Game of Thrones is one of those shows having shocking drama and a high level of fantasy. Most probably, you already heard about this TV show as it is famous all over the globe. This series includes everything, fiction, fantasy, love, drama, romance, and whatever you look for in a series. It is a great package to invest your time and have some entertainment.

2. The Expanse-TV Shows:

This TV show is based on the novels of James S. A Corey. This show includes the story of setting two hundred years into future times when humanity has colonized the Solar System wholly. It includes threatening conspiracies to disturb the peace in between several parts of the solar system and ends up with war. This show is a mix of political intrigue and sci-fi, giving you a compelling storyline to watch.

3. Star Trek – Picard:

Picard makes the Amazon Prime worthier. In this TV show, Patrick Stewart gets back into his iconic character as he is working in this series after 14 years of his retirement. The show mentions that he was living a calm life on Chateau Picard when a mysterious young age women come to seek his help. This was actually, making him come back in his field. We all know that watching Patrick Stewart is always good. He makes quite good moves that make the time watching show worthier. So, what do you think about this?

4. Outlander-TV Shows:

This TV show is fanciful alongside being romantic. Actually, this program is taken from the novels of Diana Gabaldon, and it has a story of a married woman who was a nurse is prior times. She gets back into 1743 to Scotland and meets Sam Heughan’s, Highland Warrior. There she finds out that he is in between the middle of the Jacobite risings. This program has five seasons, and is addictive because it is an excellent mash of romance, history and fantasy.

5. Mr. Robot-TV Shows:

When it first came out, it was a bomb. However, it loses its pop-culture feel as time passes. But still, it should not hinder you from watching it as it is still worthy. It has Pre-Oscar winning actor Rami Malek who impresses the people being Elliot Alderson. At day time, he works as a programmer, and at night he becomes a vigilante hacker suffering deeply from social anxiety and depression. This program is the creation of Sam Esmail and as inspiration from Stanley Kubrick and thrillers of 70’s paranoia. It is a four seasons series and now completed so you can binge-watch.

6. This is Us:

Most probably, you already heard its name as in the past decade it was a highly acclaimed TV show. The creativity and mind of Dan Fogelman are behind this show, which is also known for Crazy Stupid Love and Tangled of Disney. So this story includes a set of triplets and their parents. It is a present-day story showing those kids as adults in flashbacks to the parents. This series is a bag full of emotions and familial relationships. It is tragic and heartwarming, both at a time. For sure, once you begin binge-watching it, you never want to stop. So, you should start now.

7. The Man In The High Castle- TV Shows:

The story of the Man in the High Castle is taken from the novel of Philip K.Dick. The story revolves around World War II. The movie shows Germany and Japan losing the war. It is a reel story having ramifications. You should watch it if you love such types.

If you are one of those who love streaming online TV shows, then these recommended programs could be of interest. Take a look and choose what suits you. Happy binge-watching!

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