Best Electric Cars – The Race To Go All-Electric Begins

electric cars

The demand for electric cars is rising, and most of the manufacturers are introducing new electric cars. In present times, there is still a big range of options available if you want to have an electric vehicle.

The options include the cars like fables Tesla model 3, the most popular Nissan leaf, the compact Renault Zoe, and the Hyundai Kona electric SUV.

Over the next years, you can expect a good number of electric vehicles being offered by creators to grow speedily. The heavy hitters of the car industry are altering their business and involving a lot of new designs and development into electric cars.

As a result of this, in later times, we will be observing all the fruits for these significant investments.

There are also considerable benefits of electric cars in our climate. As using electric vehicles will reduce emissions that are high because of traditional cars. it is also able to create less smog in climate. It would be a good change for overall climate and environment.

There is some news too, about electric vehicles that include Audi and Tesla. You may know…

Do you know about electric cars that will come soon? If no then here is the guide about that;

1. Tesla Cybertruck – Electric Cars:

Release Date: it would be available anytime in 2022

Range: 300 miles

The entire goal of company for this Cybertruck is providing sustainable energy in place of roughly fossil fuel powered trucks. It is a complete electric battery powered vehicle. It also has three other models that range from 250 to 500 miles. The basic priced yet revealed for this vehicle would be $39,900. Besides this, it’s all wheel drive models will be available for $49,000. The company said to begin the construction in 2021 and it will be available for sale in the year 2022.

2. Rivian Electric Cars:

Released Date: it would be available anytime in 2021

Range: 350 miles

The news about this electric truck got revealed in the LA show 2018. Rivian get into the scene with its new creation of R1T. But besides its competitors it is realistic in nature. It will be available in variant flavors. Due to this its prices will also differ. Whatsoever, its basic version will start from $69,000.

3. Volkswagen ID.3:

Release Date: it would be available anytime in early 2020

Range: 341 miles

This is the whole effort Volkswagen can do for the entire intriguing electric vehicle industry. The company claims that it has a similar effect, like the Golf and the Beetle. It will be quite interesting to observe if it has an impact on the sales of the newly arrived MK8 Golf.

4. Volvo XC40 Recharge:

Release Date: anytime between 2020 till 2025

Range: 250 miles

This is the first Volvo car that mixes a 0-62 mph time of about 4.9 seconds. It has a driving range of EV that is about 250 miles. This Volvo car will acquire two electric motors that assure to give the output of 408 horsepower. Isn’t it great? Its total battery capacity would be 75 kWh. Its manufacturer claims that its battery is liable to charge from zero to 80% within the turnaround time of 40 minutes only. This car will be the first in its new ranging electric cars. You have to wait for it as it could come anytime from 2020 to 2025.

5. Audi E-Tron Sportback 55:

Release Date: anytime in 2020

Range: 6.2 miles

This Audi car is following the old e-Tron SUV. It is because it is the second electric vehicle by this company. The news confirms that it has improved aerodynamics, including a range of 6.2 miles; this gives a figure of about 277 miles. The company believes that the maintenance of dynamics, along with luxury sense, is quite essential in contrast with the maximum range. This assures the beauty and coolness of this upcoming electric car. Moreover, it has a large luggage capacity that makes it a practical choice.

6. Ford Mustang Mach-E:

Release Date: anytime from 2020 to 2025

Range: 370 miles

Now this Iconic Ford going to be an electric car is raising the brows of few people. But besides this, here, the name of Mustang is making sense. The fact is that it is an electric SUV that is what everyone wants. It comes with a choice of two different batteries paired with three power outputs. This electric vehicle is offering almost 370 miles of electric range that is wholly packed with the latest technology. Practically, it is guaranteed to work because of its sizeable 402-liter boot and frunk of 100 liters.

7. Tesla Model Y – Electric Cars:

Release Date: its production begins in 2020

Range: 230 miles

This is the latest electric car that will be introduced by Tesla in later times. Tesla created it in a compact way that seven people can easily fit within it. This Model will also get built on that similar area as presently it gets announced by Tesla battery plant in Berlin.

8. The Mini Electric:

Release Date: March 2021

Range: 124 miles.

The mini electric vehicle will be available for order and delivery in March 2020. Its expected price would be £24,400. This electric car is much cheaper in comparison with other upcoming electric cars. This car comes with about 32.5 kWh battery that is great for keeping the weight down. It will have all require handling features to make it the right choice.

9. Peugeot e-208:

Release Date: late 2020

Range: 217 miles

This electric car is a bit expensive than other future vehicles, but its high mile range is impressive. It will be more than £25,050 after the grant. However, after its top-spec, its price will boost to about £29,250. It will be having the features likely to its previous Model. Still, it seems to be worthy because of its mile range and specifications.

Following the automotive analysts, Europe’s carmakers are trying to make the upcoming year of electric cars. There is a big wave of innovative models introducing by all big auto manufacturers.

2020 will be the launch of all flagship electric cars that are also similar in names, just like the Mini, the Fiat 500, etc. The new vehicles will be accurate for the speedily expanding market because the demand of petrol-powered vehicles is now receding. The EV and EK sales will also be rising from 3.4% of the cars sold in 2019 to about 5.5% in 2020.

A specific company Tesla is helping the market by always being an industry leader. Its Model S was the bestselling vehicle between the years 2015 to 2017. In the next year of 2019, Tesla also expanded its EC offering with new vehicles. Those were also on the top. Still, its upcoming vehicles are all great that there are possibilities of becoming the best-selling electric cars.

Wrapping up

All the upcoming cars are expected to be the best for mile range and specifications. The manufacturers have created vehicles with their complete efforts that make things amazing. Yes, the price range in high for upcoming vehicles, but maybe it would justify the stuff it comes with.

What do you think about the upcoming electric cars?

And, which seems to be the best electric car from our list?